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An epic tornado raid, the US Amazon warehouse collapsed, how to compensate for the loss of goods?

source:Cross-border News 2021-12-13 17:49:32 3 Amazon warehouse
Last weekend, 8 central American states were hit by at least 50 tornadoes overnight. This major disaster also endangered Amazon's warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, causing serious collapse. There were as many as 50 tornadoes in the warehouse when the accident happened. With 100 employees, 6 people have died and 45 people have survived.

Amazon spokesperson Richard Rocha called this a "destructive tragedy," and the company "expressed condolences, prayers and deepest sympathy to the victims, their loved ones, and all those affected."

Amazon founder Bezos also tweeted in response at 10 o'clock on the 12th Beijing time that he was "heartbroken" by the news.

The cross-border e-commerce circle has also triggered a series of heated discussions, and sellers are all concerned about the same important question: which Amazon warehouse is suffering this time?

It is understood that the Amazon DLI4 warehouse that collapsed this time, of which two people were confirmed dead at the DLI4 Amazon delivery station. The warehouse is currently suspended.

Subsequently, the Amazon STL6 warehouse was also hit by the tornado. The current casualties are unknown, but it is also temporarily suspended.

Regardless of the warehouse, for sellers, the most current concern should be Amazon's follow-up processing issues. According to the follow-up treatment of the accident in the Amazon warehouse in the past, this time Amazon may take the following measures in response to the warehouse collapse:

  1. If the seller has created a shipment that was transferred to the collapsed warehouse but has not yet been sent, Amazon will suggest that the seller delete these shipments and recreate them, and the new shipments will be shipped to another warehouse.

2. For the goods that are being transported to the collapsed warehouse, Amazon will cooperate with the operator to transfer them to another Amazon warehouse.

3. When Amazon assesses the condition of the goods in the collapsed warehouse, its inventory will be temporarily classified as unsaleable. If any of the seller’s inventory is damaged in the fire, Amazon will compensate the seller in accordance with the FBA’s lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.

Amazon also made it clear in the email that in view of the recent activities in the seller’s sales account, Amazon has initiated compensation and/or cancellation of compensation operations.

If the seller is a redundant product waiting to be cleared in this warehouse, there is no loss, but if it is on sale or a hot product, the seller may face the risk of out of stock. Especially in less than two weeks before Christmas, if the seller's Christmas products are stored in this warehouse, the subsequent sales will be dangerous.

In any case, I still wish that there will be no more news of the casualties caused by the tornado, and I hope that Amazon will rebuild and resume operations as soon as possible after the disaster.

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