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Please note! Amazon will launch new products and services in the Middle East in 2022

source:Cross-border News 2021-11-30 16:01:04 0 BSI logistics

This period of each year is a special moment for Amazon in the UAE, as it celebrates its largest e-commerce event in the Middle East this week. In the past few years, White Friday offers have become one of the most anticipated shopping activities for UAE Amazon customers.

Ronaldo Mouchawar, vice president of Amazon Middle East and North Africa, said: "This year is no different from previous years. By cooperating with our sales partners, working with the most famous local and international brands, local SMEs and our banking partners, we will once again provide Provide Amazon customers with various offers and discounts lasting eight days."

In addition, Amazon continues to focus on operating the network and invests in developing it to get consumers' first choice through fast delivery.

Regarding the main obstacles facing the e-commerce field, Ronaldo said: "The success and continued growth of the e-commerce field depends on providing consumers with a unique experience at low prices and convenient payment methods, as well as fast and convenient delivery options, such as Same-day delivery. We launched this free feature for Prime members in the UAE last year. We will continue to expand our operating network to support customers in the Middle East. I use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for us as well as our core services Fulfillment by Amazon is proud of its ability to provide express delivery services."

Regarding Amazon UAE’s outlook in 2022, he said: “We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with innovative solutions, focusing on low prices, a wide range of varieties and fast delivery services, which provide customers with important advantages. And with the following characteristics, we are eager to continue to provide a high level in the future. In 2022, we will continue to launch new products and services, and establish partnerships with well-known brands, and strive to meet the changing needs of customers. We have launched Amazon Home , Subscribe & Save and Mobile Recharge. We will continue to introduce new offers to serve our customers and provide them with the best shopping experience."

As more and more companies shift their business to e-commerce, Amazon is committed to providing a wide range of products to customers shopping on Amazon.

It is worth noting that more than half of the products sold by Amazon worldwide come from independent companies, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2022, Amazon plans to continue to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, while providing the infrastructure, tools, resources, and opportunities needed to succeed.

This includes providing simple Amazon setup procedures, education and training materials, payment and logistics solutions, technical resources, and other services to increase business opportunities, expand operations, and satisfy the choices of millions of customers.

What is the difference between this year’s White Friday offer and previous years? And what are the advantages it provides customers, Ronaldo said: “White Friday is Amazon’s biggest event. We will showcase it at Amazon.ae stores in the Middle East and North Africa this year. From November 22nd to 29th, we worked with the sales department. Partners, the most famous local and global brands, and local SMEs to provide services to our customers. In addition to our partner banks, you can also save up to 70% of the cost. Discounts include electronics, home furnishing, kitchen, beauty, Top brands such as fashion and sports, including Samsung, Sony, Black & Decker, Chicco, Guess and Chanel."

This ensures that a unique product that satisfies everyone is provided. Customers who want to support local businesses can access their platforms on Amazon.sa and Amazon.ae.

It has formed a select group that connects independent retail destinations with consumers and is able to showcase White Friday offers from a growing number of small business groups in Saudi and UAE. This year's White Friday event is the longest event in history, held for eight consecutive days, providing customers with longer shopping opportunities.

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