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The natural geographical advantage of BSI Houston's overseas warehouses!

source:BSI Dynamic 2021-11-12 16:45:00 1 Houston Overseas Warehouse

The warehouse is located in Texas, in the U.S.-Central region, with an area of 26,125 square feet (2427 square meters). The routes here include COS, EMC, and ZIM. The flight period is about 30 days. The estimated time to reach the Houston warehouse is 35 days.


Houston Overseas Warehouse→FTW1

The distance from the Houston warehouse (77038) to the most popular FTW1 (75241) in the United States is 222 miles (357KM). It takes 10 minutes from the warehouse to go to the high-speed, high-speed straight line, and 6 minutes to the warehouse after the high-speed.


Houston Overseas Warehouse-Houston Port

It is only 43.8 miles (70KM) from the Bastar Houston warehouse to the Houston port.


Houston Overseas Warehouse→Houston Airport

14.9 miles (24KM) from the Houston warehouse (77038) to the airport.

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