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Overseas warehouse

Overseas warehouse

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British warehouse

British warehouse

The BSI International overseas warehouse is located in Berkshire, England, covering an area of about 10,000 square meters, the daily order processing capacity of up to 30,000 pieces.

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Rich and high-quality warehouse resources

Perfect support for SFP
With the support of efficient warehouse management software, the warehouse can ensure that sellers’ orders can be issued in time to meet the requirements of SFP, allowing sellers to obtain Prime badges at a lower cost to help sales.
Promise not to reject, guarantee to be on the shelves within 48 hours
On the basis of many warehouse resources, we can flexibly allocate storage space. Help sellers avoid the problem of warehouse rejection and disrupting seller’s sales plan. With AMZ Realtime order management system and warehouse management system, it creates flexible and convenient warehouse allocation processing for sellers and overseas warehouses. At the same time, we are also equipped with an efficient team, with an early warning system, we guarantee that the goods can be put on the shelves within 48 hours.
Accurate and error-free order processing
We are equipped with an intelligent error correction system, from sorting to packaging to delivery, multi-level control, layered screening, just to ensure that every order of the seller is correct.
Comprehensive planned inventory management
Provide sellers with monthly reports and SKU reports, and provide sellers with the best stocking plan through big data analysis to improve inventory turnover.
Standardized service
Cooperate with many high-quality warehouses to provide standardized pricing mechanism, service items and service standards. All hastily realized automated and mechanized warehouse operations and informationized warehouse management to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.
Perfect support for SFP
Provide first-class warehousing and logistics services, so that sellers can get Prime Badge without FBA.
Intelligent and automated order/inventory management software
Make it easier for sellers to manage inventory across platforms.
Many high-quality warehouse resources
Assure sellers that there are still enough positions during the peak season.
Very competitive quotation
From warehousing to postage, every link will help sellers save costs and increase profits.
Unique value-added services
Provide sellers with high-quality off-site drainage and social media services, and bring the latest Amazon front-end information.


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