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September Employee Birthday Party|Good time, you and I go together

source:BSI Dynamic 2021-09-16 16:15:37 15 International Shipping Company

Record every growth, engrave every frame of touch. In the golden autumn season, the autumn breeze is refreshing, and the employee birthday party in September is here. In order to thank employees for their hard work and hard work, enrich their spiritual culture and life, enhance their sense of belonging and collective honor, and let employees truly feel the warmth of the big family, the company organizes a colorful birthday party for employees every month.

The lovely birthday stars come with joy, happy smiles, and styles... First, take a beautiful photo of the birthday stars, and then light up the birthday candles at the most exciting time in the audience. Make a birthday wish...


Happy birthday Today, there is joy in the days and evenings! Expressing the best wishes from the company and colleagues to Shou Xing Gong, the colleagues tasted delicious cakes, sweet fruits, exquisite food, laughed constantly, and full of atmosphere.


Birthday will bring everyone closer. On the way of struggle, we will share the joys and sorrows, and we will build a warm and harmonious Bashda family with love. Finally, I wish the company's business prosper and reach a higher level!

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