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Stop panic: 101 container ships are waiting for berths across 1,000 miles!

source:Cross-border News 2021-12-18 17:18:33 5 Port of Los Angeles Port of Long Beach

According to the latest data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California, on the 1,000-mile stretch of North American coastline, extending to Mexico, 101 container ships berthed or wandered on two gateway waterways in the United States waiting for berths.

Before the epidemic, the transit time for ships from Asia to North America was usually two weeks. Now, some voyages require more than 45 days to berth, and a large amount of container ship capacity has been absorbed.

The Southern California Shipping Exchange adjusted the queuing rules for anchorage waiting on November 15th. According to previous rules, ships waiting to enter the port can wait at anchorages within 20 nautical miles from the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. In the past six months, increased port congestion has led to overcrowding in the waiting area. Due to safety and air pollution considerations, the new regulations stipulate that, except for special circumstances, waiting ships can only be 150 miles southwest of California and 50 miles away from California and Mexico. Waiting in the sea, only ships that can enter the port within 72 hours of the port’s notification are allowed to slowly approach the port anchorage and wait for mooring nearby. As a result, the distance between cargo ships has increased, and the speed of cargo entering the port has also been lengthened, resulting in further aggravation of port congestion.

The Southern California port implemented a new container ship queuing system last month, requiring ships to wait for berths 150 miles away from the coastline. The new queuing system has greatly reduced the number of ships close to the shore, leading some people to believe that the number of container ships waiting outside the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach is decreasing, but in fact the number of ships in the backlog continues to increase.

The number of container ships waiting to be berthed across the Pacific coastline has reached more than 100. If it encounters severe weather, will it be affected, because last week, eight states in the central United States also encountered tornadoes, and there were also storms in Southern California yesterday. , But the latest news is not affected.

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