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US Amazon system recovery: appointments and delivery are normal!

source:Cross-border News 2021-12-10 17:34:02 3
Looking back on Tuesday, Amazon’s cloud computing department AWS suffered a large-scale failure on Tuesday, resulting in warehouse and delivery workers and Amazon Flex service drivers. They could not access the Flex application or A to Z application, and warehouse workers could not scan packages or access delivery routes. Truck service providers cannot deliver warehouses.

But the good news is coming. It is learned that as of 6:30 pm Eastern time, cloud computing service problems in some regions have been resolved. The most severely affected app by this outage is Amazon Flex used by Amazon employees, which is mainly used by warehouses and delivery workers. As a result, it is impossible to scan packages or access delivery routes. This incident was initiated by more than 24,000 users. A failure report was made.

The Amazon warehouse was in a state of paralysis this time, and most of the Amazon warehouses in the United States, such as ONT8, GYR3, LAX9, LGB8, SBD1, KRB1, LAS1, and SAT1, were suspended on December 7, local time.

On December 8th, the scheduled delivery of American Carpai cargo has been restored to normal, and we can arrange for the normal delivery of Carpai's warehouse construction.

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