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The year-end discount event for Bastar Houston's overseas warehouses is here!

source:BSI Dynamic 2021-12-04 10:00:14 16 Houston overseas warehouse cross-border logistics

As the end of the year is approaching, Shenzhen Best International thanks new and old customers for their long-term support. We have also carefully launched a rewarding event. The first order enjoys a 10% discount and an additional $0.95/pallet. Warehouse address: Houston, TX 77038, USA.

Advantages of Houston's overseas warehouses:

Advantage 1: Lower logistics costs, direct shipments from overseas to customers, equivalent to domestic express delivery, lower cost than shipping from China to foreign countries.

Advantage 2: Faster delivery time, which solves the time required for complicated operation procedures in transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance, etc., and makes overseas shipments faster and more efficient.

Advantage 3: Better warehouse management experience. Bashida has focused on overseas warehouse service management operations for three years, and overseas warehouse has equipped you with professional management personnel.Four advantages of overseas warehouses: order processing is more convenient, orders and shipments are synchronized, and automated batch processing of orders is realized.

Advantage 4: Inventory management and inventory are more clear, monthly sales and remaining inventory system automatically displays.

Advantage 5: The remote control is convenient and fast. You only need to click the mouse gently in front of the computer to place the order delivery instruction, and the professional team of overseas warehousing will complete the operation on your behalf.

Advantage 6: Automatic and efficient return processing process. Due to various reasons, your customers can return the goods directly to overseas warehousing, eliminating the cost, timeliness, abandonment and other losses of domestic and foreign round-trip double clearing.

Let your entrustment lead all the way, let my speed take the lead, fly across the Pacific at your fingertips, and the world is in your hands. Bashda's overseas warehouse in Houston is fast and reliable.

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