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Overseas warehouse

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American warehouse

American warehouse

The American overseas warehouse is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a new high-tech overseas warehouse based on the internet to provide intelligent logistics solutions for international e-commerce. It provides customers with sorting, packaging, delivering, processing returns, and collection of FBA returns and exchanges service. California has a total warehouse of more than 30,000 square feets and over 50 full-time employees; at the same time, there is a transit warehouse in Oregon, with a 500 square meters operation center, and the daily order processing exceeds 30,000 tickets.

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Service area


Local storage

Provide local storage and transportation, sorting, assembly, delivery, and return processing in the United States



FBA transit


Cargo labeling

FBA cargo labeling


Personalized service

Personalized services such as FBA return receipt and one-piece delivery


Help sellers

Assist EBAY, AMAZON, WISH and other overseas platform sellers


make profit

Create the greatest profit margin for customers


Design and develop your own operating system
There are warehousing and logistics operating systems designed and developed by ourselves. Internally, the seamless design with full cycle coverage significantly improves the company's work efficiency; the simple and friendly operating platform has received unanimous praise from customers and has been imitated by many peers。
Provide safe transportation services
We have maintained close cooperation with UPS/USPS in the United States for a long time, and provide our customers with safe and reliable local transportation services for our long-term partners.
Connect with self-operated European and American Air Canada
It connects with self-operated logistics services such as air cargo delivery in Europe and the United States, and also integrates international commercial express delivery, international air transport dedicated lines, and international shipping services. Comprehensive coverage of cross-border logistics and overseas warehousing contract fulfillment services can meet the needs of different types and different scales of cross-border e-commerce.
Goods enter overseas warehouses in advance
Goods are placed in overseas warehouses in advance to avoid warehouse explosions during peak seasons, which will affect account performance; get rid of low-price competition from sellers and increase buyer trust; good user experience, increase praise rate and repeat customers; improve brand exposure opportunities in new channels, and expand samples with small batches Fast distribution of orders to enhance the local comprehensive competitiveness of brand owners.


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