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Bastar Houston’s overseas warehouses are in full swing. New customers’ first orders, limited-time discounted prices, and more special services are waiting for you to experience!

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Bastar's overseas warehouse in Houston is in full swing. The first order from a new customer has a limited-time discounted price. Warehouse address: Houston, TX 77038, USA.

Featured service introduction of Houston overseas warehouse:

1. Flexible warehouse rental methods: daily, monthly, Pallet or Bin.

2. Safety: Self-operated warehouse, Chinese operation.

3. Efficient communication: Chinese local operations in the United States, domestic and American teams provide 24-hour service.

4. one-piece delivery: order processing + scanning code picking + packing + scanning code out of the warehouse (suitable for independent station hot money and self-delivery customers).

5. FBA return and exchange standard: receive AMAZON FBA return, exchange standard, warehousing, and transfer FBA warehouse.

6. Warehousing and transfer: receiving domestic whole cabinets, bulk goods to the warehouse, changing the outer container label, warehousing, and transferring to the FBA warehouse.

Seven, receiving returns: receiving returns + secondary sales.

One-stop cross-border e-commerce service, zero-distance service to the home, an acceleration for transnational logistics-Bashda "Express", Houston overseas warehouse, save time, effort and worry.

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