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Sea transportation continues to be congested, and air transportation will become a "sweet pastry"?

source:Cross-border News 2021-12-18 17:20:47 6 USA sea freight USA air freight

Christmas is approaching, but ports all over the world are blocked again and again, especially the two major ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the United States. Previously, US President Biden wanted to save the Christmas commodity supply plan by clearing the two major gateways of California, but it seemed to be ineffective. The congestion remained, and even "increased". Now a container ship enters these two ports to unload. The average waiting time is about 21 days, which is 3 weeks, and it only takes about 7 days in August. Not only has the efficiency not improved, but it is getting lower and lower.

If you want to meet the soaring demand of consumers before Christmas, then just abandon the sea transportation and use air transportation instead. It is understood that some importers in the United States have given up shipping by air to ensure that their goods can be put on shelves in time during the holiday shopping season. However, according to relevant statistics, in the past three months, air freight prices to and from major Asian routes have doubled.

The air freight price of the route from Shanghai to North America has reached a record high of approximately RMB 89 per kilogram, which is much higher than the RMB 51 per kilogram at the end of August), and the price has doubled. At the same time, similar routes, such as Hong Kong, China to Europe and the United States, and transatlantic routes between Europe and North America, have seen significant increases in air freight prices.

The reasons for the soaring air freight prices are simply the following:

1. Encounter holidays such as "Black Friday" and Western Christmas.

2. Global shipping jams.

3. The epidemic has escalated again, and the "Omi Keron" strain has spread widely.

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