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October Birthday Party | Live up to the time, very exciting

source:BSI Dynamic 2021-10-16 17:12:50 4 International Chamber of Shipping

The clock ticked by, and again in October of the year, the colors in October are very bright, the sunshine in October is very bright, and the birthday in October will arrive as scheduled.

Every month, we will hold a happy and warm birthday party for the birthday stars. The Administration Department and the New Media Department have prepared delicious food. Let us gather the shots and experience the excitement of the birthday party.

Amidst laughter, the birthday party officially began. The first is a group photo of the birthday stars, and then the candles are lit to make a good wish. All the staff send sincere blessings to the birthday stars and warm everyone present; everyone sings birthday songs together, the atmosphere is warm and harmonious, and the atmosphere is full of friendship. ……Delicious cakes, delicious fruits, and a variety of foods. Everyone gathered to enjoy this beautiful and warm moment. The atmosphere of the scene was deeply recorded in the lens, and it was fixed in each Let us take a look at these warm and joyful moments in the smiling faces of employees!

No matter how the years change, how things change in the world, happiness and happiness will always be our common pursuit and expectation in life!

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