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Development History

About BSI



In 2012, cross-border Russia opened a Sino-Russian special line, combined with XRU, and launched an overseas warehouse in Moscow to officially launch cross-border e-commerce logistics services. It is the first Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce logistics service company in Shenzhen.


In 2013, the Middle East special line (Dubai DDP) realized the localization of Dubai's overseas warehouses.


Registered the Dubai branch in 2014 to realize the two-way logistics channel between China and the Middle East. The overseas warehouse B2B was launched to provide point-to-point and warehousing and distribution services for domestic mobile phone customers. The business volume doubled that year and the number of exported mobile phones exceeded one million.


In 2014, the European and American FBA first process was launched. The company has been deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce service market, and combined with the system software development team to closely follow the development of the e-commerce industry.


In 2016, relying on the forward-looking vision of industrial development, relying on the "One Belt One Road" development strategy and the "Ningxia Autonomous Region Policy" support, focusing on innovative cross-border channels and comprehensive services integrating cross-border customs clearance and logistics interoperability, and successively opened international e-commerce supporting facilities Logistics and warehousing distribution services, the network covers the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other major economic development regions.


In 2017, the company participated in the construction and online operation of Yinchuan Port, established the Middle East EME service brand, and realized China's one-stop service for GCC country commodity procurement, logistics, customs clearance, distribution, warehousing, finance, COD collection, and CALLCENTRAL, and further expanded the business line.


In 2018, relying on Yinchuan, Ningxia, transshipped to Dubai in the Middle East, and reached a strategic cooperation in the Middle East with SF Group to create a more professional cross-border import and export business.


In 2019, relying on the Middle East layout, China-Arab policy support, as well as the international logistics platform, system software service platform, supply chain management platform, and Yinchuan express mail supervision center operation platform, we will continue to build a bridge between China and the Arab world.


In 2020, relying on overseas layout to provide professional epidemic prevention logistics and transportation services for the governments of Germany, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.


In 2021, it reached a China-Europe strategic cooperation with Xinjiang Port to provide Chinese cross-border sellers with China-Europe Express and China-Europe Airline Services.

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