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Overseas warehouse

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Dubai warehouse

Dubai warehouse

BSI International currently has e-commerce overseas warehouses in Dubai, covering 6 GCC countries in the Middle East, with a warehouse area of 10,000 square meters and more than 100 employees. The warehouse facilities are well-equipped, and the operation is standardized. It is open throughout the year to ensure that you can normally receive orders during holidays and peak sales seasons. Distribution.

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Provide customers with multi-faceted services


Service charge

Dubai Overseas Warehouse maintains good cooperation with major logistics companies in the Middle East, and provides customers with high-quality, affordable transportation services with ultra-low small parcel delivery fees. Preferential order operation fees and warehouse rental fees, and enjoy different price standards according to the shipment volume.


Own storage system

The feature-rich warehousing system provides customers with a convenient and smooth operation experience and helps customers realize the integrated management of overseas warehousing and distribution. System data analysis provides customers with all-round data analysis and reports on inventory, orders, logistics, and finance.


Automated settlement

Since the opening of the warehouse, Dubai Overseas Warehouse has established its own development team, recruited elite talents in the industry, and created an efficient and automated warehousing and distribution system, which can realize COD payment monthly settlement, weekly settlement and other diversified settlements.


Comprehensive product service

Overseas warehouses provide more products and services, which can provide after-sales and rebate services as an agent, improve the buyer's shopping experience, create a better brand reputation, and help sellers to better explore the Middle East market. Provide offline or other methods of selling sluggish inventory to maximize the protection of sellers' interests and allow sellers to develop Middle East e-commerce business with greater confidence.


Higher package receipt rate

Since its establishment, Dubai Overseas Warehouse has listed a high sign-off rate as the company's main strategic goal, and established its own delivery team to ensure the sign-off rate.



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