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Best choice for cross-border in the Middle East, Bashda Express, one-stop logistics service

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Company background introduction

BSI EXPRESS (Dubai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive transportation e-commerce service company jointly established by Shenzhen BSI EXPRESS and Dubai BSI EXPRESS LLC that operates import and export logistics and transshipment by local Chinese in Dubai. The business model is based in Dubai, and with the company's 16 years of development and experience, it provides dedicated lines and cross-border capacity services to the Middle East market. And relying on the advantages of the One Belt One Road gateway of the Ningxia International Express Supervision Center, the cross-border e-commerce goods will be concentrated to Dubai and then transferred to the whole of China.

Provide "cross-border import and export, integrated logistics, overseas warehousing, distribution and transshipment" services, and strive to become a new type of logistics and cross-border operation company that combines integrated ground logistics services with landing logistics.

We are committed to becoming an important cross-border logistics company for exchanges between Dubai and China!


Middle East Easy Product Service Section

1. Cross-border easy: provide Middle East FBA special line, international shipping, logistics double clearing, e-commerce small package

2. Easy landing: distribution, COD, collection and payment for the entire Gulf GCC area

3. Overseas warehouse: warehousing, product release, return and exchange, maintenance

4. Cross-border exchange: Middle East platform entry, Middle East business development, company and VAT registration



Advantages of cross-border e-commerce logistics service providers in the Middle East

1.Provide local e-commerce platform resource sharing in the Middle East for corporate merchants

1. Open account: open the Middle East multi-account service, provide a full set of online store tutorial seller training and growth plan.

2. Account operation: Provide platform background operation and staff practical operation training services.

3. Product supply chain: high-quality selection, multi-SKU one-off delivery, merchant brand promotion, and localized business docking.


2.Middle East e-commerce head logistics service

1. Best Express has more than 10 years of experience in customs clearance in Dubai, a customs class A enterprise, professional logistics clearance talents and customs clearance system. At present, the volume of agent customs clearance is among the best. Provide local services in the Middle East for many service-oriented platforms in China.

2. Bastar Express dispatch personnel shuttle daily to the wholesale markets of Dubai Mushu Bazaar, Ajman Chinatown, Dubai Dragon City and other wholesale markets. The company currently ranks among the top three in terms of market share in the UAE business.

3. Relying on overseas and local traditional B2B logistics service packages and experience, combined with the characteristics of e-commerce, it provides two transportation options, first air and sea transportation, and customers can choose the first transportation method based on their own costs and real-time inventory.


3.Overseas warehouse system (Middle East warehousing, delivery service)

1.UAE 20000+ square feet own warehouse (2+2 service) air and sea port bonded warehouse + commercial zone warehouse, providing one-stop service for warehousing, return and exchange projects.

2.Have mature local overseas warehouses and supporting services in the Middle East; self-developed warehouse management system to realize online warehouse management and real-time visualization of customer inventory.

3.The company has its own pickup truck fleet to solve the problem of delivery at the end of one kilometer.

4.After the overseas warehouse receives the order instruction, it will be shipped out within 24 hours. The distribution coverage is wide and the timeliness is high.

5.With the Dubai warehouse as the center, with the help of strong customs clearance capabilities, self-owned warehouses and fleets, we can provide transit services to major ports and surrounding areas, and escort you to open up the market.


4.E-commerce packet

1. Middle East special line GCC: China warehouse collection and transportation + air transportation + local delivery, the time limit is 5-7 days.

2. Overseas warehouse + local dispatch: The channel merchants collect the goods to our Middle East warehouse, and our company will sort and deliver the goods according to the receipt, and the delivery rate is high.

3. COD collection: After overseas merchants collect the funds themselves, or we will send them to the times, the funds will be cross-border to the country through us.



New service is online

Not only that, in order to uphold the idea of mutual benefit for domestic and foreign buyers and sellers, our company is about to launch a light luxury product repatriation business, door-to-door pickup in the Middle East, and tax-included delivery in China.

The whole journey is worry-free and seamless. The Middle East enters China, and China sells one-stop logistics services in the Middle East.

Help all big bosses sell!

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