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The rising sun is shining: Bashda's overseas warehouse in Houston is officially opened!

source:BSI Dynamic 2021-10-22 16:46:01 3 American warehouse cross-border logistics

Congratulations on the official opening and operation of Bastar International's overseas warehouses in Houston, USA. This marks a solid step for Bastar International to deploy overseas warehouses. It has a global perspective and overseas deployment, and continues to provide high-efficiency, low-cost, professional and honest services for cross-border commerce and trade. For the purpose.


Let's first talk about what is overseas warehouse?

What is an overseas warehouse?

"Overseas warehouses" refer to warehousing facilities established overseas. Cross-border e-commerce companies export goods in bulk to overseas warehouses in accordance with general trade methods. After the e-commerce platform completes the sales, the goods are delivered to overseas consumers.

In cross-border trade e-commerce, domestic enterprises transport goods to target market countries in the form of bulk transportation, establish warehouses and store goods locally, and then respond to the local sales orders in the first time, and directly from the local warehouses in time Sorting, packaging and distribution.

Many e-commerce platforms and export companies are deploying overseas logistics systems through the construction of "overseas warehouses". The construction of "overseas warehouses" allows export companies to send goods to foreign warehouses in batches, realizing local sales and local distribution in the country. Since its inception, "overseas warehouse" is not just about building warehouses overseas, it is also an optimization and integration of existing cross-border logistics and transportation solutions.

What are the advantages of establishing overseas warehouses?

1. After the customer places the order, the export company directly delivers the goods locally through the overseas warehouse, which greatly shortens the delivery time and reduces the barriers to customs clearance.

2. Bulk cargo transportation reduces transportation costs.

3. After the customer receives the goods, they can easily return and exchange the goods, which also improves the shopping experience.

4. Provide service support for the development of cross-border e-commerce.

5. It will help Chinese products to go overseas and add momentum to exports.

Disadvantages of overseas warehouses?

1. Sellers cannot manage overseas warehouses like their own warehouses. When goods are sent to overseas warehouses, sellers cannot access the goods;

2. The inventory pressure is high, the storage cost is high, and the capital turnover is inconvenient;

3. Changes in overseas national policies will cause certain losses and troubles.

In July this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Formats and New Models of Foreign Trade" and mentioned the new format and new model of overseas warehouses. Currently, the number of overseas warehouses has exceeded 2,000, covering an area of over 16 million square meters. This shows that the establishment of overseas warehouses in the future is an inevitable global trend.

Based on the background of providing customers with high-quality logistics services, Best International follows the global trend of cross-border e-commerce overseas. First, it established its own overseas warehouse in Houston, Texas, USA, which is based on the Internet for international e-commerce. New high-tech overseas warehouses that provide intelligent logistics solutions.


It can help customers enter overseas warehouses in advance, avoid peak season explosions, and affect account performance; get rid of low-price competition from sellers, increase buyer trust, praise rate and repeat customers; improve brand exposure opportunities in new channels, expand samples, and have small batch orders quickly Distribution, enhance the local comprehensive competitiveness of brand owners, and create the largest profit margin for customers.

Houston overseas warehouse service items:

1:FBA labeling transfer

2:FBA one piece dropshipping

3:Whole cabinet dismantling and transshipment

4:Bulky cargo storage

5:Product quality inspection assembly

6:Overseas after-sales maintenance

Comprehensive coverage of cross-border logistics, overseas warehousing and fulfillment services, can meet the needs of different types and different scales of cross-border e-commerce, and provide customers with safe and reliable overseas warehouse services.


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