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Amazon's new warehouse warehousing regulations: Be sure to strict packaging requirements!

source:Cross-border News 2021-12-04 09:56:21 10

The new regulations are as follows:

1. Disable third-party logo boxes, such as Wal Mart, Home Dept, or even Amazon's own return boxes.

2. It is forbidden to have website details on the outer box, and any website is forbidden.

3. It is forbidden to have straps on the outer box.

4. It is forbidden to close the box (2 boxes and one box). If the boxes are closed, Amazon will abandon the goods.

5. If the Amazon label expires, Amazon has already begun to directly discard the goods. Please be sure to notify the merchant to confirm that the FBA label is still valid before shipping.

6. Because Amazon has begun to gradually switch to the assembly line, it is recommended that Amazon labels at least 2 per box. In fact, Amazon requires at least 4 per box.

Will this be the beginning of a new round of Amazon's suppression of the Chinese market? What can domestic e-commerce companies do to eliminate the hidden dangers of being suppressed in the future? We can only let time to witness it slowly!

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